Peerless Luxury Suites in New York

Embrace Unfettered Exclusivity

Along with elegance, exclusivity and stunning views, each of the suites at The Towers carries a storied legacy – the result of a decades-long evolution, including royal guests, brilliant backstories and most recently a total transformation to a new level of luxury.

Each of these extraordinary suites lives up to its address, one of the city’s most esteemed. Elegant appointments meet unparalleled personal service to create a one-of-a-kind experience, highlighted by upscale touches and refined design details. Private Maybach car service and a private reception lobby and elevator bank echo the unfettered luxury expected by the most discerning guests– while Crestron touch-screen technology shows the technological leaps the Palace took during its large-scale renovation project.

Through its illustrious history, its spectacular present and into its promising future, one thing has remained static as The Towers have evolved – the stunning view of Midtown Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

Visit The Towers, take in the view, and celebrate New York City’s living history.